[Oberon] Re (2): suggestions for documentation.

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Wed Apr 9 09:20:28 CEST 2014

Ulrich Hoffmann wrote:
>oberon-risc-emu and thus RISC Oberon just runs fine on Raspberry PI.

It seems unlikely that an OberonRISCemulator would exist for ARM,
when Oberon [with the ETHO HCI !!] doesn't exist.

Peter Matthias rote:-
>I call it a paravirtualzed version of SharkOberon. It uses the normal
>Linux Kernel and X11. At current state more a prove of concept than a
>usable version.

There were problems with your LNO on 'some' X11 hardware, but
your FrameBuffered-selectable-parameterized facility was/is remarkable!

I've read that X11 is a monster, so I'm wondering how much we can get
from PO2013 regarding a FrameBuffer version for the rPi.

===> But back to the main/original thread topic.
Yes! We need <centralised documentation facilities> for PO2013.
Wikipedia-like sounds good.
A further reason why pdf is a curse, is that it HOGS the search-for-

================ rPi NewGroup was saying:--
>> A thought occured to me: I wonder if abyone is working on a port of
>> Oberon A2 (aka Bluebottle) to the Pi?  A StronARM/Xscale version
>> already exists so it shouldn't be too difficult - but beyond my
>> capapbilty, I suspect!!
There have been so many ports and variations.
Besides IMO, the language is not so much special as the OS.
I've been using it everyday since the 90s:first x86-Native, then
when USB became essential, the linux-based-version.
Using anything else feels like tying your shoe-laces, wearing
`wily`: the public-domain version of plan9's admitted copied
idea of ETHOberon is my prefered utility for rPi, since there's
no ETHO yet. But wily's reversal of the left/right mouse relative
to ETHO is a problem.
>> http://www.a2.ethz.ch/  for more info.
> http://bluebottle.ethz.ch/
> was quite slow to load; not a good advert!

If you want to be impressed by ADVERTS stick with coca-cola,
KFC & google.
ETHO is based on minimalist/essence like I was hoping rPi
would be.

== Chris Glur.

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