[Oberon] Compiling the RISC system

Jan Verhoeven jan at verhoeven272.nl
Wed Apr 9 19:53:06 CEST 2014

eas lab wrote:
> Thanks for posting that Jan.
> Where did you put RISC.img, relative to -/Bld/risc?

~/Bld is a scratchpad for building packages...
I built the 'risc' executable in '~/Bld/risc'. Then I copied it to 
~/Oberon/risc (together with pcsend.sh, and pcreceive.sh Npw just add 
the RISC.img file and you can rock 'n roll.

> I got similar <SDL errors> under slackware 13, which has got plenty
> README/s for SDL.

The emulator requires SDL2 so you need to get the sources and compile them.
Yes, /usr/doc/SDL-1.2.14 is a treasure chest of information.

> Of course I don't need another ETHO version running
> under slak. I wonder if any body as actually tested under rPi; which
> has got 8 files: lib + a README* for sdl.
> But slak13 has ver 1.2.7 & rPi has *lib*1.2.so* ; which seems strange,
>     since rPi is newer?

Yeah but the Raspie is based on the ARM library tree and these are not 
always current.


Jan Verhoeven

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