[Oberon] Compiling the RISC system

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Thu Apr 10 09:01:00 CEST 2014

Another ETHO.  Looks good; but I lost mouse & keybrd.
Perhaps/understandably <RISC.img> doesn't do USB.
But rPi only has USB: 2 ports.

It's confusing, switching the display from rPi to slak13's:-
1. LEO = the work-horse.
2. LNO: FrameBuffer [not X11] is impressive.
    Yes now I remember it seg-faults for `oberon`.
    I use ./install. & then the only line ending with ".".
    Obviously the <*.par> is first set for FrameBuffer mode.
    LNO needs you to make your own file-tree navigation tools.
    I need it mostly to read my old: N-O partitions.
3. V4 opens *nix & AOSfs files automatically, per format.
    I patched <saveAsAscii> to <saveAs*nix>

V5forPi looks like an example of a successful collaborative project?
But did anybody run V5 on rPi YET?

> As far as I know, statically linking cannot be done with SDL. Right?
'statically linking' is about bundling the libraries into the single
executable when compiling - I think?
man <gcc> shows a zillion references to "static".
Since SDL 'interlinks' so many facilities: statically could be a problem?
Now that I've recovered from seeing ETHO V5, let me switch back
to see if rPi is still alive.

== Chris Glur

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