[Oberon] Oberon on the Raspberry Pi

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Fri Apr 11 13:22:10 CEST 2014

Paul Onyschuk

> SDL2 doesn't seem to have USB-drivers, which seems strange.
> And rPi needs USB-drivers.

]I don't have an idea what your are talking about.  When you're using
]SDL you don't need care about where input is coming from - this is what
]abstractions are for.  You deal with keyboard events such as key
]presses and it doesn't matter if keyboard is connected via PS/2, USB or

OK, so rPi's linux should deliver the <mouse events> to SDL, independent
or the hardware origin of such events?
Is it just a coincidence that SDL2 has several ps2 files and no <usb>?

]Mobile devices with on-screen keyboard are only exception
](I looked into it to get it running on Android), since input is exposed
]by different API of SDL: text input is registered there instead of key
]presses (e.g. letter H instead of shift+key h).

IMO screen input would also be 'abstracted' to the same key/mouse input?

]Anyway RISC Oberon should work out-of-box on most devices without any
]changes to code.  If it doesn't work for you under RPi you should check
]simple demos and examples provided by SDL2 first, just to make sure
that keyboard/mouse work with those before touching emulator code.

Of course. I would hope for a <check your keybrd/mouse> UP-FRONT.
You want to confirm the radio's switched on, before you start tuning?

My kwik&dirty test failed, and I provided my logs, for others who my be
more successful.


== Chris Glur.

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