[Oberon] Math.Mod / compile rrror (to many digits)

volkert at nivoba.de volkert at nivoba.de
Sat Apr 12 07:30:00 CEST 2014

Am 12.04.2014 00:42, schrieb Chris Burrows:
>> BW,
>> Volkert
>> PS: With an "bug or issue tracker" and we all can  see, what bugs are new,
>> open, fixed ...
> Where's the fun in that? It's like doing a crossword puzzle and having
> somebody looking over your shoulder and giving you all the answers. The
> whole point of Project Oberon is to help you to learn how to understand,
> maintain etc. an Operating system and compiler yourself and become
> self-sufficient. It can be done and it has been done.

You can always dig into, fix and extend on your copy and propose a solution
for the main "Project Oberon" branch. That is reality in the most 

So, you
- can have fun with your local copy
- can have one official stable main branch from which main release of 
"Project Oberon" is created.
- can see what issues are around

i see no contradictions here

> I use a comparison tool to see what has changed and then try to understand
> what has been fixed and how it has been fixed. After a very short time of
> this sort of exercise you learn how to fix these things yourself,
I do .... but i am not good in guessing what were the reasons (which bug 
f.e.) for the code
changes. But you can explain me with your comparison tool, what bugs NW 
has corrected in
the latest compiler version.

Even for  "small" system like "Project Oberon", it is a good idea to 
manage and document
the changes.


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