[Oberon] Oberon on the Raspberry Pi

Paul Onyschuk blink at bojary.koba.pl
Sat Apr 12 15:31:31 CEST 2014

On Sat, 12 Apr 2014 15:16:41 +0200
"volkert at nivoba.de" <volkert at nivoba.de> wrote:

> I just compiled the Emulator on RaspPi (Raspbian) and it works, but
> only in fullscreen mode. In this mode it is helpful if the Emulator
> supports shutcuts
> for "quitting" (and "resetting") Oberon. Without i have to reboot the 
> RaspPi, when i want
> the stop the Oberon-System. Virtual Terminal switching (with 
> Ctrl-Alt-F1) does not work.

You could switch back to window mode using F11 or Meta-Shift-F and then
close it.  If you want explicit key for closing application,
introducing few lines of code to "sdl-main.c" should do the job.
Something like:

  } else if (k.sym == SDLK_F10) {
    if (down) {

Paul Onyschuk

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