[Oberon] Project Oberon 2013 on GitHub?

volkert at nivoba.de volkert at nivoba.de
Mon Apr 14 17:23:57 CEST 2014

Am 14.04.2014 11:11, schrieb eas lab:
>> And i think Peter De Wachter's RISC Emulator should be part of the game.
>> This Emulator is really important for Oberon.
> ]PdW's emulator plays a key role. It converts a single platform compiled
> ]language into a multi platform interpreted language. A kind of Java.
> I've been pleased with the lookNFeel-alike
> ETHO: Native, DOSbased, Linuxbased.
> AFAIK PO2013 in not a *new* language, but rather, new in combining
> hardware and software, in a minimalist educational project.
It is, but what is your message here? Not worth to protect? The best 
for PO2013 is to give easy access to it, especially for an educational 
project. So the
RISC Emulator is perfect here, because it runs on most platforms. Maybe 
the Emulator
should be called PO2013-VM ;-) Writing an Emulator/VM is also a nice 

I hope PO2013 makes its way to a new FPGA Board, as we all know, Digilent
Spartan 3 Board is dead now. What is left is the "PO2013-VM".

> Also ETHO has a Win version & perhaps Mac.
> So, there's hardly a lack of multi-platform ETHO facilities.
None of the "old" ETHO Versions is running out of the box on my
current Systems (OSX x86, Linux x86, Linux ARM). The PO2013 with
RISC Emulator does and it will because the "RISC Emulator" is: Open Source,
small, easy to compile, uses SDL2 and Standard C Compilers. So moving
to new HW is easy.

> Apparently there are now more ARM:*nix than WinTel computers in the world,
> so it would be interesting to hear from someone who *DID* run PO2013, or
> other version of ETHO, on ARM.
I have PO2013 (with PO2013-VM) running on my RaspPi. ;-) But yes,
a Native RaspPi/Beaglebone/... Version would be cool.


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