[Oberon] Creating SD card image - RISC.img and ORG/ORP

Paul Reed paulreed at paddedcell.com
Mon Apr 14 19:37:23 CEST 2014

Dear all,

> Am 12.04.2014 15:58, schrieb Paul Onyschuk:
>> Since Peter De Wachter done such great work with emulator, next logical
>> step in my opinion would be to get it fully self hosted: creating new
>> RISC.img under emulator and exporting it via PCLink, then booting from
>> new image.
> Yes please ... an "Step-By-Step"-Tutorial on building a PO2013-System
> under the RISC Emulator and putting it on a "SD-Image" would
> be nice.

Yes, self-hosting would be much better than the ugly cross-tools I'm using
at the moment; as time permits...  One of the more important aspects of
self-hosting is being able to test the new configuration before committing
to it.  And bear in mind, we are using the real hardware.

Notice that the image doesn't have to be big, see the patch to the
emulator I included in the Windows package on projectoberon.com - if it
recognises the image file as an Oberon filesystem (beginning with
FileDir.DirMark) then it virtualises the first 80002H 512-byte sectors,
which as you quite rightly say don't need to be accessed if you're just
going to be in emulation.

(Normally I don't like this kind of magic but it's a useful kludge for
small machines.  A large [when uncompressed] image with a FAT partition
first is for the convenience of Windows users - it is not a real operating
system: it doesn't have dd) ;-)

And yes, the ORG/ORP are tested and the right ones (ORP from February
corrects a bug with multidimensional arrays), please ignore the 10.4.2014


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