[Oberon] Pseudo-module SYSTEM (was RISC5)

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Mon Apr 21 01:29:18 CEST 2014

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>   SYSTEM.MOVE(SYSTEM.ADR(item.data(*.data*)[24]),
>               SYSTEM.ADR(item.data(*.data*)[14]), NetIP.AdrLen);
> But where did the author select this instruction from?

>From the documentation supplied with the particular implementation of Oberon that they were targeting / using. 

> Watson doesn't show the exports of SYSTEM-module.

Watson cannot know about *pseudo-modules* like SYSTEM whose only manifestation is within the Oberon compiler itself. It can only report the information for normal external modules if a 'symbol file' is available for that module. 

NOTE: Watson is not available on all versions of Oberon. It is useful when it is available but you should not depend on its existence. 


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