[Oberon] PO.Computer documentation (was: Compiler Modules Empty?)

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> => PO.System.pdf <- Ends at 9.5
> => PO.Aplications.pdf ends at pg 86.

There should be no appendices listed in the table of contents. It sounds as
though you have an obsolete version of PO.System.pdf and you don't have
PO.Computer.pdf. Try downloading the documentation again.

Chapters 16 'Implementation of the RISC processor', and Chapter 17 'The
processor's environment' are included in the separate file: PO.Computer.pdf.

> PS. Nobody ever mentioned the ETHO x86 <dis-assembler>, whose output is
> fascinating. 

The equivalent is available for ProjectOberon RISC5: 

  ORTool.DecObj*   (*decode object file*)

> IMO writing machineCode in Oberon is as wrong as writing music scores in
> natural-language. 

Huh? I wasn't aware anybody was writing machine code in Oberon. The compiler
generates machine code not the programmer.


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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