[Oberon] Is there MIPS on FPGA

Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net
Sun May 4 19:22:12 CEST 2014

Every time Wirth does something, I am put off by it the first year, before
I finally understand that it was, once again, brilliant.

I always liked the MIPS instruction set.  At this point there is a MIPS
compiler for Oberon, a port of the V4 Oberon system, and even MIPS based
microcontroller chips that sell for about $5.

The MIPS description is widely available and new custom chips come out for
things like routers and other embedded applications from time to time.

I thought a good project would be to update the V4 MIPS compiler to become
a Component Pascal compiler, to make an evaluation board with video, and to
start producing some commercial projects.

One such project would be a home thermostat with a color display and WiFi
connectivity.  The display would default to the NOAA forecast for that
location.  I think V4 would be a very good system to control this board.  I
would add IPv6 to this, and a private network for fire, ambulance, and
civil infrastructure so that interaction between the thermostats could
provide infrastructure during emergencies.  As someone who lives in a Gulf
state, there is always the thought of "hurricane preparation."

It could have USB mouse & keyboard, and be a completely fine stand alone V4

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