[Oberon] Oberon SDL2.0 SDL 1.2

greim greim at schleibinger.com
Mon May 5 14:49:57 CEST 2014

>> - My C knowledge is _very_ poor.
>> - i thought the best way _for_me_ to understand the RISC machine and
> Peters
>> program is to translate it. First i thought to translate it to Oberon
> itself
>> (https://github.com/norayr/voc) but even my actual Oberon knowledge is too
>> poor, and i saw no SDL2 bindings for this (i think very
>> nice) compiler.
> Does it have to be SDL2? There are SDL 1.2.15 bindings available for Oberon
> and Component Pascal:
> http://sdl-for-oberon.sourceforge.net/

Interesting hint!
I have used SDL2 because Peter de Wachter was using it in his C package.
I was first fiddling around with GLUT, but with this package i found no 
easy way to get the keyboard scancodes + some other problems.

Only some basic elements of SDL has been used, so i am quite sure that 
SDL1 would also be possible, but i have to check it.


Markus Greim

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