[Oberon] Is there MIPS on FPGA

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Mon May 5 21:13:05 CEST 2014

Am 04.05.2014 19:22, schrieb Aubrey.McIntosh at Alumni.UTexas.Net:
> Every time Wirth does something, I am put off by it the first year,
> before I finally understand that it was, once again, brilliant.
> I always liked the MIPS instruction set.  At this point there is a MIPS
> compiler for Oberon, a port of the V4 Oberon system, and even MIPS based
> microcontroller chips that sell for about $5.
> The MIPS description is widely available and new custom chips come out
> for things like routers and other embedded applications from time to time.
> I thought a good project would be to update the V4 MIPS compiler to
> become a Component Pascal compiler, to make an evaluation board with
> video, and to start producing some commercial projects.
> One such project would be a home thermostat with a color display and
> WiFi connectivity.  The display would default to the NOAA forecast for
> that location.  I think V4 would be a very good system to control this
> board.  I would add IPv6 to this, and a private network for fire,
> ambulance, and civil infrastructure so that interaction between the
> thermostats could provide infrastructure during emergencies.  As someone
> who lives in a Gulf state, there is always the thought of "hurricane
> preparation."
> It could have USB mouse & keyboard, and be a completely fine stand alone
> V4 project.

All said about MIPS is also valid for ARM, despite much larger hardware 
base. Complete ARM PCs sell for less than 35 USD including shipping. And 
for our FPGA freaks, ARM exists hard wired and as soft code on FPGA, AFAIK.


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