[Oberon] more attention and a larger community?

volkert at nivoba.de volkert at nivoba.de
Fri May 9 16:22:32 CEST 2014

Dear Doug,

Am 09.05.2014 00:27, schrieb Douglas G. Danforth:
> Volkert,
> Stepping way back, here is what I would like to have.
> I would like to be able to walk into a store and buy a
> PC that was solely Oberon based.  Cheap, fast, module
> upgrades (e.g. slim binaries).
> I have been slightly disruptive to your topics for which I
> do apologize. It is simply that in 1986 I went through this
> whole process with the initial release of Oberon-0, Oberon-4,
> Oberon-3, and now 30 years later we are doing it
> again.  I don't have much hope for any change.
No worries. Yes, this is absolut understandable. For me it is the first 
time and
i have still some hope (yes, i am naive ;-))

When i read "Project Oberon"  around 1993 (at that time i was a computer 
science student), i had
the plan to "implement" this system, but for some reasons i got more 
attracted by the
upcoming linux wave and complete lost "Oberon" out of my mind.

Around 2004, when BlackBox went Open Source, i got interessed in BB 
(from read Szyperski's
Component Software Book) and i used it for a while. I really like it. 
But when it was obvious
that "Oberon MS" slowly moved away from it (at that time it was not 
"free") i thought "too bad, why
should i invest my time here".

Last year, when i read about Wirth's PO2013, i rembered my orginal plans 
from 1993, so that is
why i am here now ;-). What is funny, because i have the feeling i am 
back in 1993 and nothing
happened in the mean time, what is not true, of course. But the 
different developments of the
last 20 years are not easy to understand, so i better mask them out ;-)

> I am very happy with BlackBox/Component Pascal but that
> is not the topic of this discussion.
BB is free now and there are no license issues to solve. It has the best 
chance to survice by a community driven approach, but
the community is also really small. So when i have the feeling that 
"here" is no "movement"  for a future
Oberon System, i switch over to BB and support your work ...

> Best regards,
> Doug Danforth
> On 5/8/2014 1:09 AM, volkert at nivoba.de wrote:
>> I would like to focus this mailing list.
>> Doug, what is your suggestion to reach an agreement of which direction
>> "Oberon"
>> should evolve. We could start with a small proposal (Manifesto, Vision,
>> Goals,
>> Gaps to Close, Development Process,  ...). Any better idea?
>> BW,
>> Volkert
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