[Oberon] How ETHO trumps WaltDisney.

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Wed May 14 18:05:10 CEST 2014

My question is how to use ETHO to get back the
efficient emailing of the 90s - pre-gmail?

Here's a few concrete examples of how ETHO:TextMail.*
was so superior in saving YOUR time and effort.

For email there are only 4 actions:

directory = show me what's available;
fetch : those ones;
delete : those ones;
send : this one & this one .....

TextMail.Directory gave you a textFrame <piece of paper>, which listed
your directory [at the ISP] which you could keep/place anywhere.
And this <piece of paper> was a live object, which effectively had
'buttons' for fetch and delete.
But the buttons were subtle/space-economical: being mere words in
the frames menu-bar.

With WaltDisneys's gmail, there are delete buttons at top and bottom.
So if you are in the middle none is visible.
That's ONE example of how ETHO of the 90s was superior to Modern xxx.

Each fetched email of ETHO:TextMail came on its own separate
<piece of paper> which you could edit/save/delete/move/hide..
independantly of the MailDirectory or other TextFrames.

With gmail: selecting a fetch from the directory, REPLACES the directory
with the fetched text. It treats you like a baby: who can have only
one-thing-at-a-time. ETHO allows you to keep the Directory, indefinitely,
and examine it repeatedly, and even color-mark [as all ETHO frames can]
any entry.  As mails are deleted [at the ISP] they disapear from the
'live' directory frame. Also optimisations exist, like:

When it became necessary to include sender-authorisation for emailing,
TextMail.Mod was easily updateable. The code was clearer and better
factorised than most ETHO sources.

After the 'revolution' my ISP collapsed and I was forced to use gmail.
So, theoretically gmail is available via pop & imap [on special ports]
but it needs <encrypted transmission>.

LEO's SSH seems to be a whole suite of modules?
And I'm reluctant to start trying it without confirmation that others
have tested that it will handle gmail.
SSH looks like the absurdity of connecting the rPi, 2 m away from the
PC using an encrypted ethernet [national-railway-equivalent + visa].

Did anybody manage gmail with the ETHO-family?

== Chris Glur.

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