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Jörg Straube wrote:-
> Read chapter 4.6 in
> http://www.inf.ethz.ch/personal/wirth/ProjectOberon/PO.System.pdf

only 617'346 Bytes

] 4 The Display System.
]The display screen is the most important part of the interface presented by
] a personal workstation to its users.

A further example of the genius of NW.
The display [mouse combination] *IS* the most important part of ETHO.

ETHO is not about technology: our profession.
It's about something else: perhaps called cognitive science, or psycholgy
 or not yet well named and understood ...

] In the early seventies, Xerox PARC in California launched the Smalltalk-projec

And he acknowledges it's origins.
Before I commit to consuming this chapter, I need to set a goal.
Working via successive refinement, is this valid/reasonable: ?
How to make a hidden/covered frame 'pop up'?
How to know that it is hidden?
That seems complex, so first just <show the list-of-frames to be able to,
manually check if the target IS hidden>.
=> Traverse the SystemTrack's frame tree, while listing FrameNames.
If the hidden-one is to be made visible, perhaps it could just <change places>
with a visible one?
Which would best be manually controlled - using the same list-of-frames.

Ideas, crits ??


== Chris Glur.

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