[Oberon] Old versions: MultiScreen Select?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 07:19:02 CEST 2014

I vaguely remember that old versions of ETHO couldn't select text-stretches
which exceeded the ViewerSize, which the mouse could sweep.
Such inability, now seems intolerable, and error prone.
[like when I must paste my emails to the crappy gmailer].

If indeed early versions lacked MultiScreen selection: when was it 'fixed',
and in what module would I search to find the code to update ALO?


==Chris Glur.

PS. I previously mentioned that I aborted my test/use of A2, because
you couldn't-take-the-vehicle-out-of-the-showroom. I was not able to
connect to the outside environment/universe, even with a USBstik.
Also V5 seems isolated.

By constrast, ALO got a good work-out, in the task:
* search the relevant dir [of WolframMathematic] for all files *.m,
  which contain <string: ProcX-invocation>,
  and extract those lines,
  for coloring,
  to analyse the apparent syntax of long/confusing lines of eg.
RedProcName(BluPar1, GreenPar2, VioletPar3,.....

ALO performed well, except for the MultiScreen Select INability.

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