[Oberon] Large Displays / 64 bit...

greim greim at schleibinger.com
Thu Jun 19 12:35:31 CEST 2014


each enhancement of the emulator should keep the existing FPGA RISC 
processor in mind!
Otherwise we are opening the next fork of the fork of the fork...

I am just trying to port the Spartan 3 design with static RAM to a 
Spartan 6 with dynamic SDRAM. Thats because Spartan 3 is at the end of 
lifetime and all newer reference designs of Xilinx (and all the open or 
cheap boards are following this reference designs) are using SDRam (or 
better said, one special chip, the MT48 from Micron).

Regarding the SDRAM refreshing etc. i fear it will be hard to realize a 
much bigger resolution then the actual one.

64 bit could be possible with Spartan-6 but not with Spartan-3.
But is this really necessary?

I am not sure how the actual situation is, but for me, on the software 
side, a smooth out of the box boot image generator, based on the 
emulator, would be more important. Also a tool writing the Oberon File 
system directly to a SD-Card and a real PC-Link using the RS232 
RISC<->PC would be nice to have, as a stable, easy to use infrastructure.

Also the license situation is not finally clarified!
(Maybe because the ETHZ is realizing similar things in cooperation with M$)


Markus Greim

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