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Yes, USB is too kleva.
It's convenient for actions that you can 'try again' when it fails.
Ie. it needs a human in the loop to control it.

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>> But can you still buy a PC with RS232 today?
> PCs are extensible. If you already have a PC you do not need to buy another
> one if the only extra you want is RS232 communication capability.
> RS232 is still extensively used to communicate with microcontroller boards.
> It is simple so it is reliable. There are several ways to use RS232 with a
> PC for this purpose.g.
> 1. USB - RS232 adapter cables. Avoid cheap ones as there are counterfeits
> out there. I have found ones that use FTDI drivers rather than Prolific
> drives to be more reliable.
> 2. USB - RS232 breakout boards. You can see an example of how we use this to
> program Cortex-M3 development boards using Oberon  at:
> "Programming an LPCXpresso LPC1769 via the UART"
> http://www.astrobe.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=200#p418
> (scroll down to the message with the photos if it does not immediately
> appear)
> 3. Both of the above approaches use USB. I experience all sorts of
> intermittent problems with USB so have also installed a PCI-based 2-port
> RS232 adapter in my main computer. This is what I use for Project Oberon
> RISC5 development. Google 'PCI RS232' and you will see plenty of different
> products available.
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