[Oberon] Large displays in Emulated RISC Oberon

Guenter Feldmann fld at informatik.uni-bremen.de
Sun Jun 22 16:22:59 CEST 2014

On 06/22/14 12:26 AM, Michael Schierl wrote:
> Am 17.06.2014 17:48, schrieb Charles Perkins:
>> Excellent!

> Now that we can have Oberon systems with different memory sizes and
> different display sizes I think it would be interesting to create an
> Oberon RISC emulator in Oberon that runs inside Oberon and uses a file
> of the host Oberon filesystem as its disk and uses a Viewer in the host
> system as its screen. Probably the guest system would need some changes
> like the ones for my JavaScript emulator

Hi Charles,

a very first step in that direction can be downloaded from

-- Günter

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