[Oberon] Why macros were not implemented in oberon language?

nyaaa at nyaaa.de nyaaa at nyaaa.de
Sun Jul 6 04:18:19 CEST 2014

> > You should not confuse C's simple text replacing of the preprocessor
> > real Macros of modern languages.
> >
> I am also confused. That is exactly what I thought the original poster
> referring to.
> I just checked three 'modern languages' that I am aware of: C#
> Go (Google), and Swift (Apple) and it appears that none supports
> What 'modern languages' do you mean?

There are several languages with macro systems different from C's.
Starting with Lisp as one of the oldest programming languages, you can
find macro mechanisms with varying sophistication in Scheme, Dylan [1]
and also more recent languages like Clojure [2], Shen [3], Rust [4],
Nimrod [5], Nemerle [6], Dao [7] or Haxe [8].

[1] http://opendylan.org/
[2] http://clojure.org/
[3] http://shenlanguage.org/
[4] http://rust-lang.org/
[5] http://nimrod-lang.org/
[6] http://nemerle.org/
[7] http://daovm.org/
[8] http://haxe.org/

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