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Wed Jul 9 08:00:03 CEST 2014

Yes, but OP is pretending to do nuclear-physics.
He must have macros, to avoid the compiler generating:

<check the loop counter>

Because he needs 17-times:
  Pulse2PicoSecs;  Pulse5PicoSecs; Pulse3PicoSecs;
without the indeterminate delay of:
 <check the loop counter> and BranchBack

So macros gives him;

And MacroMocros gives him:

ETHO has indeed got Macros to eliminate keystrokes:
 inappropriately named 'Editkeys'; but works nicely.

Starting from NW's key statement:
] Ultimately, the basic idea behind every language is that it should serve
] as a means for communication. This means that partners must use and
] understand the same language.

 the big economic leverage is for human communications.

Packaging a conglomerate-mess into ONE-chunk, is achieved by our *.Tool
concept. So eg. 'all' the functionality re. partitions is available by
ONE-klik to Partitions.Tool; or 2-kliks via
<show me the list of tools available>.

Why can't source-code for all <block structured> languages, just be
created by filling in templates. Eg. Algol family, Python, C, <shell>..?

The concept seems proven by the killer-ap. `mc` which is the clone
of the decades old DOS:nc.

The essence consist of just 2 components:
 1. present the user with the list of valid choices at the present state;
 2. accept the choice via a single <operation>.
Perhaps <unwind> is needed too.

== Chris Glur.

On 7/5/14, Les May <zen53397 at zen.co.uk> wrote:
> A car traveling at 100km/hr will move 27.8 metres in one second (27,800mm).
> In 10 microseconds (a long time by computer standards) it will travel
> 0.278mm.
> Any loss of speed by using Oberon is surely compensated by greater
> readability which in turn leads to maintainability and safer
> modification of working code.
> Les May
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