[Oberon] Trap from System.Quit in Native Oberon.

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Sat Jul 12 07:39:40 CEST 2014

You don't want to have to look-down-into the CPU registers,
unless that's one of your specialities.

ETHO's trap facility normally gives you the <sequence of calls>
which led to the final *CRASH*.
So, if you look deeper in the trap-stack, you should see the sequence
of procedures [which are easier for us to diagnose] leading to the

It would be interesting to look into System.Quit -- for someone who can
afford to open another can-o-worm.

IMO <System.Quit> is the <closing-bracket> that must match the
<opening-bracket> that <starts N-O>.
So there's an interesting topic that subsumes your particular problem.

== Chris Glur.

On 7/11/14, peter at easthope.ca <peter at easthope.ca> wrote:
> I've installed Native Oberon on a Micron TransPort TREK 2,
> AGP model.  A sticker indicates it has Intel Pentium II.
> Nothing remarkable except that System.Quit gives this Trap.
> TRAP -14 NIL reference (0000005EH) (PC Native 05.01.2003)
> Unknown EIP=0016006FH EBP=00055814H
> When the system is started again, the screen is black for
> several seconds, as when the hdd is scanned after not
> being unmounted before powering off.  System installation
> created the SYS part as usual and I haven't added any other
> parts yet.  SYS isn't unmounted properly before power is cut?
> Very few mentions of EIP in the archives.  Ideas?
> Thanks,              ... Peter E.
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