[Oberon] ALO usage Log/Query ?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 12:38:48 CEST 2014

PM wrote:-
>Forgot to ask: Does the compiler still trap at the first use on RPi with
>this version?
I'd need to check my logs; but if I remember: it's OK.
But now, to pay for the cost of going back to rPi, I'll try a task, which
I need to do, eg. get info about AosFS:
* how far inside of N-O partition does Dir-structure start?
* what is the dir-structure?

My IDE with 40 partitions of N-O has <broken the extended partitions chain>.
>From saved records I'm able to:
 dd if=<IDE> skip=<startSectorOfPartition> count=<lenOfPartition> of=<BakUp>

Probably LNO and even LEO could read the files from the PartitionFile.
P.Muller's Partition.Mod is nice clear code, and I previously managed to
see what the dir-structure was. But my logs of THAT, are on the very-same IDE
which I now can't access.

The syntax of my logs [also for ALO] is:
=> what I thought, noticed.
-> what I input/executed.
== what results I saw from my input.

<><><> Log of ALO session:---
Decode AosFS DirStructure.
=> find *File* == many: ARM.FileDir.Mod ALO.FileDir.Mod ...
-> RX.Grep * "PROC"
== OK!
=> (* Linux FileDir module not based on OFS <- I need OFS info
=> Do some exercise of Compiler; what commands are exported by ALO.FileDir.Mod ?
        EntryHandler* = PROCEDURE (name: ARRAY OF CHAR; tim...
PROCEDURE Enumerate*(mask: ARRAY OF CHAR; detail: BOOLEAN; proc: EntryHandler);

=> ? What Modl.Proc calls ALO.FileDir.Enumerate
->   Desktops.OpenDoc Find.Panel  : ALO.FileDir.Enumerate
== nill <- module could be renamed, in IMPORT list.

=> ? What *Dir*.Obj ARE actually running
ET.OpenAscii /usr/local/ALO/140731Z/oberon.log ==
Files loaded.
FileDir loaded.

==> [BUG: menuFrame of ET.OpenAscii, reads: "em.Close System.Copy.."
=> I'll try to fix that.

System.Directory  FileDir*  <-- No FileDir.Mod included.
=> Search total ALO:DirTree for FileDir.Mod
== None. Source files are being withheld.

== Chris Glur.

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