[Oberon] Pitch from AST: Minix on Beagleboard

Frans-Pieter Vonck fp at vonck.nl
Fri Sep 19 17:59:29 CEST 2014

> What's the power consumption on these boards?

> Also it's been pointed out that full-linux on rPi is no good
I agree that the Pi is to slow to use it as a full (flash) blown desktop.
On the other hand, I made a videowall out of 15 raspberries connected to
old crt tv's and it worked great.*

I programmed the project in shell scripts over ssh networks. I was
thinking of using oberon as the language for the main program. Especially
of using the messageing architecture of the Oberon System for
communicating with the video clients. In my quick fix however, in linux, I
had to ensure a working state of the clients and the server I programmed
reboots for every occuring anomality.**

I love the idea of the single user, single task system on top of the linux
threading system. On the other hand, Tanenbaum is also using a messaging
system for Minix to ensure the state of the operating system. And the
system can be run in single user mode.

It would be great if Oberon07 was part of the Minix distribution. There is
already a modula-2 compiler in the ACK (Amsterdam Compiler Kit).***

Frans-Pieter Vonck

*I've looked into using native AOS for this video project, but the ready
to use software and documentation for the Pi, made me decide not to. In
honour of Jurg Gutknecht - I will keep on striving to do an artproject
with AOS one day.

Sounds familiar?
"Those guys were lucky" - Edsger Dijkstra.

Check out Ceriel Jacobs work at the Free University

> I've been well impressed by the rPi, as a potential replacement PC; but
my everyday use is as a sound-player for TextToSpeech [I don't read big
text any more; I lie down & have them read to me like a baby].
> But rPi seems to use 100-times the power of the <Chinese button sized
audio player>, which doesn't allow me to 'mark' the files as <read, to
be repeated ...etc.>
> I'm getting interested in investigating some potential Oberon7 based
projects/products [even if I'm forced to use M$loth tools].
> But I didn't get good info from Astobe's URL.
> Also it's been pointed out that full-linux on rPi is no good for
even-nearly real time. Often rPi just <takes a coffee-break for
> a few seconds> perhaps it's doing a garbage collection.
> OTOH probably MIMIX is much less of a hog?
> But then the <simple single-loop concept> OS of ETHO is even better.
But, I'm wondering how/why LinuxBasedETHO hangs the pid if I send a
NNTP-post and the communication cuts before it returns.
> Obviously, the <send procedure> of ETHO 'hold' the CPU, and the
> published <round-robin task polling> is prevented.
> LEO has a "threaded" version/capabilty, which I've never tested, because
I prefer KeepItSimple.
> ==Chris Glur.
> On 9/16/14, Frans-Pieter Vonck <fp at vonck.nl> wrote:
>> Hello Oberoneurs,
>> Here you can see Andy's Tanenbaum' s pitch at EW Neurenberg of the minix 3
>> system running on a
>> beagleboard.
>> http://youtu.be/vlOsy0PZZyc?t=57s
>> It could be an interesting example for porting oberon sytem to the arm.
Especially if you look at how they solved driver issues.
>> By the way, everybody is invited for Tanenbaum's retirement farewell
lecture at
>> 23 October 2014 in the Aula of the Vrije Universiteit,
>> http://www.cs.vu.nl/~ast/afscheid/index.php
>> Guess he has now he has time enough for porting minix to the FPGA, like
>> Paul, do you already know Kees Jongenburger?
>> https://archive.fosdem.org/2014/schedule/event/minix_3_on_arm/
>> Greets,
>> Frans-Pieter
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