[Oberon] How is [non-gadget] MenuFrame darkened?

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 16:28:47 CEST 2014

Since I could no longer manage the small fonts, last year I hit-out and
got a BIG phillips 1920x1080. These days I use linux:Slackware:V13. This
allows me to run multiple instances of LNO & LEO. Only after navigating
through several programs, workspaces, terminal is it slowly evident that the
display has become <unclear>.  The problem is subtle with many programs,
but obvious with our LNO & LEO: the MenuFrame is not <halfDark> as it
was soon after boot. Without the MenuFrame marked, it's very difficult to
work. Connecting the old CRT, shows it as it should be. So the problem is
with the display. OTHO, running a different [not preferred] linux version,
also is OK. The display is a monster, in that it has a menu-tree with
dozens of leaves!

Since the switch from initially-good to bad always happens [so far] while
I'm navigating one of several apps. which don't show the symptom, it would
need a research-project to debug, what state transition/s cause the problem.

If someone could describe exactly *what* ETHO does to the MenuFrame, then
I could perhaps have the correct wording for a google search, to solve this

== Chris Glur.

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