[Oberon] Cheap FPGAs and cheap boards

skulski at pas.rochester.edu skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Fri Oct 10 08:36:13 CEST 2014


The sellers of the CORE board provide IP examples. Among them there is the
SDRAM controller. They also provide the board schematic, IC datasheets and
user guides.

So actually this board is a kickstarter. The text below is from the Ebay
offer. All the typos are original...

We provide some FPGA examples based on the board.
The examples are discribed as follows:

1.Clk50M_div_1HZ  // Devide the source clock from 50MHz to 1Hz
2.DDS_WaveGen     // Use ROM to store waveform sample data
                  //and read them out to genreate diiffrent waveforms
3.KEY_down_detect // The hardware key debounce example
4.LCD1602_test    // A example shows how to show characters on LCD1602
5.SDRAM_driver_test // The code of SDRAM driver
                    and the example that shows how to use this driver
6.segment_show      // Show static numbers on 7-segment
7.shifter_8bit     // The example showed how to make a shifter on FPGA
8.XC6SLX9_CORE_test// Test all the on-board devices and the IOs
9.counter_8bit     // 8 bit counter example
10.Mult_4bit       // 4 bit multiplier example

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