[Oberon] Complete Spartan-6 system under $100

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Tue Oct 14 21:53:35 CEST 2014

>My interest in a stand along small Oberon based system is dependent upon
> the availability in Oberon of two applications: (1) email reader and (2)
> web browser.
> I believe both of those were available under Oberon-IV but does that hold
> true for any of the flavors of Oberon that would run on a system such as
> Wojtek has suggested?

It's V4 & S3.
Define email-system: transporter=Tx & RX + Read & write;
S3 NativeOberon served me well decades ago, until WinTel manipulated my ISP
to must-have TX-authenticate. Fortunately TextMail.Mod was well
structured so I 'updated
it', but got gmail accounts as bakup. When the ISP made further updates/changes
I just dropped them.

httpFetch&show [aka web-browser] is a similar disaster, driven by
planned obsolesence

Similarly, any Oberon inet-utility would only be 'valid' while it's still 'new'.
That's the whole justification for having eg. Linux-based Oberon:
  you use the underlying drivers for new hardware,
  and problematic [moving target protocols] ...pdf...http Ver x?x.

The *REAL* value of ETHO [S3 & V4] is the human interface.
Here's how I was mistaken.
After using an unknown sequence of programs, my HDMI display loses the
HalfShading of ETHO's  MenuFrame. This is disasterous, since you can't
immediately see the TextFrame boundries.   Plugging the old CRT is OK.
I vaguely associated the concept "reverse video" with V4's MenuFrame
[which I recently confirmed], and simplistically/wrongly thought S3 uses
<half -ReverseVideo> - which is meaningless in a binary system.
Fortunately ALO [ARM Linux Oberon] Search *Display*.Mod for "enu",
led to <the gray shading of the MenuFrames is achieved by ETHO-color 11>.

Strangely, LNO is OK on the problematic HDMIdisplay.
Imagine the convoluted complexity:
 the HDMI has its own CPU/s, pretending to be a CRT.

Simplicity is indeed the highest virtue.

== Chris Glur.

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