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> There's a list of OP2 back-end experts here:
> http://www.ethoberon.ethz.ch/compilers.html
> I recognise a couple who are still actively involved with Oberon or
> Component Pascal. Even if they are unable to do the work for you they
> might be able to give you some idea of the effort which should help
> towards organising somebody else to do it for you.

... or you could read "The Oberon System Family" by four of those guys:


"Oberon simultaneously refers to a modular, extensible operating system and
an object-oriented programming language developed for its implementation.
While the original Oberon System had been conceived as the native operating
system for a custom-built workstation, further implementations for several
commercial platforms were developed later and are described here. All of
these implementations are based on an efficient, retargetable Oberon
compiler, and each provides a complete Oberon environment and the original
library interface. This paper describes the structure of the compiler,
summarizes the experience gained in adapting it for various CISC and RISC
processors, and presents some empirical performance data. It also sheds
light on the task of grafting an operating environment onto an existing
operating system."



"Due to its simplicity and orthogonality, each of the implementations
described here could be completed in a single man-year or less."


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