[Oberon] Re (2): Re (2): mail reader, Web browser; was Re: Complete Spartan-6 system under $100

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Wed Oct 22 01:43:34 CEST 2014

]> Do the guys who want to make <raw hardware> Oberon, realise that having
]> USB is *MUCH* more important that <running at light speed>?
]In my understanding, the objective is to demonstrate an effective
]computer system built from elementary components.  Specific
]capabilities such as USB are not essential.

Unless the <system can get out into the universe> it's a dead-end.
I couldn't get my effort in/out of A2; ie. copy the files via any reasonable
method, so I abandoned it.

Micro$loth's success is based on allowing users to keep and evolve their
previous efforts, instead of being forced to lose their investment.

]> ... running at light speed ...

]The FPGA hardware isn't so fast but we know that the OS is efficient.
Yes, but the 'talk of lightening speed' shows the inappropriate enphasis.

]What about taking the USB modules from NO and trying to compile
]in the FPGA system?
I glanced at my latest version [2001?].
They only try to handle a few devices. Nothing was demonstratable.
It's known that USB-software is a *MONSTER*.
You're not telling me that your version of NO, can handle eg. a USBstik?
You were an early adopter of CF memory-cards.
I wanted to wait for the technology to mature.
Now I've discovered that SD-cards are MAGIC: I control the TextToSpeech, played
by my rPi, by switching-it-off during specific prompts. Don't need to unmount.
Being able to hot-plug between devices: USB is even more magic!

== Chris Glur.

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