[Oberon] Oberon-1 or Oberon-2?

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Wed Oct 29 13:04:53 CET 2014

I supose:
= all x86:win7 programs run on 64BitWinTel ?
= V4:windows is 386 based ?
Hasn't it got the V4:compiler [with it's *.Mod] included?
I notice that linux:V4 has got 10 of:

OK, let's *nix peek into one.
->  strings /mnt/H15/usr/local/bin/V4/oberon-1.7.02/Source/iOPB.Mod | head ==
MODULE iOPB;    (* Copyright (c) ETH Zurich, 1989-95 /  RC 6.3.89 / 21.2.94 *)
(* build parse tree *)
        PR, Patrik Reali (reali at inf.ethz.ch): StPar0
                CHR and ORDfunctions must accept SYSTEM.BYTE parameters
                This feature wasn't implemented yet (but the language
report clearly states that it has to be).
        CS, 12.7.96: prevent down guards
        JT, 25.08.96: indexing an array with the address of procedure
(e.g. arr[MyProc]) or an integer type
                (e.g. arr[INTEGER]) was not recognized by the front
end and resulted into a trap in the back end.
        IMPORT OPT := iOPT, OPS := iOPS, OPM := iOPM;
That looks like part of the compiler to me.

== Chris Glur.

On 10/29/14, skulski at pas.rochester.edu <skulski at pas.rochester.edu> wrote:
> Helo:
>   I downloaded Linz V4 for Windows. Runs wonderfully under 64 bit
> Windows-7. So this system is still a viable one. In principle V4 could
> run on RISC5, but there is no compiler. Is anyone working on, or
> planning to work, on implementing the RISC5 back-end for OP2?
> Another option would be extending the present Oberon-1 compiler to compile
> the V4. Any hope for this to happen?
> Thank you,
> Wojtek
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