[Oberon] Oberon-1 or Oberon-2?

chris chris at gcjd.org
Wed Oct 29 17:42:56 CET 2014


On Wed, 29 Oct 2014 11:38:25 -0400, skulski at pas.rochester.edu wrote:
> If I was planning to work with
> Rpi, Arduino, Netduino, or one of your ARM development boards, then your
> proposition would make perfect sense.

I am a software guy too, and seeing for example a Banana Pi for less 
than €40
I don't get it. Whats wrong with these boards? Where is the advantage 
of the FPGA

> My plans are different, though. I
> want to focus on the FPGA, using the Oberon System 2013 as the starting
> point.

Why? I really don't understand. From the recent discussion here I 
the FPGA board used is out of production. Replacement is not available 
with the same features. Ethernet or USB is not available and most 
likely never will.

I understand for Professor Wirth's goals in education and research this 
is an impressive achievement to be in control of the whole machine but 
my interest is a usable "desktop" machine with a GUI of some sort. That 
means Screen, Mouse, Keyboard, Ethernet and most likely USB.

> FYI, designing the appropriate FPGA board is a piece of cake compared with
> porting the compiler. I can do the former, but not necessarily the latter.
> And frankly, why should I try to perform the task which others in this
> community can do much better than I can?

Really? I would say it's the complete opposite ;-)

Greetings and hoping not to tread on so.'s toes here


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