[Oberon] Oberon V4 - was: Oberon-1 or Oberon-2?

skulski at pas.rochester.edu skulski at pas.rochester.edu
Wed Oct 29 21:00:24 CET 2014


> 1. Is the date displayed correctly?

The System Log starts with:
Oberon for WindowsTM  V4.0-2.3 on Windows NT 6.1
iOP2   RC/NM  V1.7   22.1.1996

Is this 22.1.1996 the date when the System was built, or is it intended to
be the current date?

> If not, my corrections should be
> available in the file store of the sourceforge project by Claudio
> Nieder, Robert Lichtenberger, and me (otherwise I might be able to
> dig a bit in my folders) or did you pick it up there?

I downloaded the V4 from the Linz server

I tried to locate Oberon on Sourceforge. I found DOSOberon, which is
probably not what you are referring to. Could you please point me in the
right direction?

> 2. Are you able to use the mouse wheel for scrolling? If yes, I would
>    be very interested to see it ...

No, the mouse wheel has no effect.


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>>  I downloaded Linz V4 for Windows. Runs wonderfully under 64 bit
>>Windows-7. So this system is still a viable one. In principle V4 could
>>run on RISC5, but there is no compiler. Is anyone working on, or
>>planning to work, on implementing the RISC5 back-end for OP2?
>>Another option would be extending the present Oberon-1 compiler to
>> compile
>>the V4. Any hope for this to happen?
>>Thank you,

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