[Oberon] Linux versus Oberon System

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Thu Nov 6 04:07:09 CET 2014

Re: Oberon-1 or Oberon-2?

Wojtek wrote:-
> Acrobatics is not our goal. Stability is. We are developing
> mission-critical HW and FW for big scientific projects. Our solutions
> must be rock solid. V4 is close to this, so we prefer V4. S3 should be
> able to run on RISC5, of course. But I do not think we will rely on it.

The educational projects: V4, S3 are not suitable for your project IMO.

> So what exactly are you doing with this Oberon stuff? Just playing?

It's part of my SwissArmyKnife ToolBox.
To skirt around the commercially designed offerings. eg.
 iNet info has degenerated to being mostly only http,
 where even university-fetches are 90% repeats: self-promotion and
   circular-link-chains to own-stuff.

Text-only fetches, can be quickly trimmed/cleaned only with a mouse-based
 interface [wily which is based on ETHO is good], and pasted-to-a-book
 with TOC. In rare cases where a diagram *IS* needed, what other system
 allows you to paste the http-fetched diagram into you own custom-book,
 which is adapting to YOUR requirements? ...and TextToSpeech, while relaxing

ETHO's unique strength is the HCI, which being related to psychology,
needs a poet, rather than an engineer to explain.
At [your] the other end of the spectrum: hardware: it's weak; no doubt
because information-hiding is intended/needed to avoid overwhelming
the student/reader. So, eg. no one ever mentions the <Decoder> module
which I've found and tested in both the X86 & ARM versions.
These <Disassemblers> use the original manufacturer's notation, which
shows no correspondence to the "SYSTEM.*" notation of ETHO.
1950's was about Jonny driving 3 miles to the store, in his 2 ton
"rock solid" Chev-V8 to buy his packet of LuckyStike.
Flexibility, software eg. miltary-drones are now more cost-effective
than "rock solid" [Twin Towers?].

== Chris Glur.

]In short, Linux is sweet and easy if one is happy with great tools running
]in user space. Which seems to be its original goal. As soon as you are
]trying to service some real time with Linux, it can easily become an
]endless source of interesting problems to solve.

No! Don't take a horse, and claim problems in trying to make it
fly like a bird. Don't consider linux for hard-real-time.

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