[Oberon] Oberon0.Dsk and the BootFile, Native.Bin

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> Hi,
> This question comes from my efforts to use Oberon0 under QEMU.
> http://www.ethoberon.ethz.ch/betadocu.html#PM
> has the section,
> Partitions.Format dev#part [ AosFS | NatFS [ FSRes [ BootFile]]] ~
> Partitions.Format ^ 
> with this sentence.
> "Currently, Native.Bin is missing and a warning is issued informing 
> that the partition is not bootable."
> What is meant by that sentence?  The installer must have 
> a BootFile to make a bootable system.  Is this more realistic?
> "If Native.Bin is missing a warning is issued informing that the
> partition is not bootable."
> Is there a better interpretation?

AFAIR you need to initilize partition table, before using image for
Oberon0 under QEMU (otherwise Oberon gets confused), example:

$ echo "Create 100MB file"
$ dd if=/dev/zero of=file.out bs=1MB count=100
$ echo "Create new primary partition and made it bootable"
$ fdisk some.img
$ echo "Boot Oberon0 from floppy and use image as hard drive"
$ qemu-system-x86_64 -fda Oberon0.Dsk -hda some.img -boot a

Then Partitions.Show should give more meaningful results as in
attached screenshot.  You can then change partition type under Oberon
and go from there.

Paul Onyschuk
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