[Oberon] A2 and NO installers under bochs.

Treutwein Bernhard Bernhard.Treutwein at Verwaltung.Uni-Muenchen.DE
Mon Dec 15 13:11:52 CET 2014

>The complete serial port trace follows.  Somewhat odd that the trace
>reports Rev-5387 whereas the image is named 5668.

I have been wondering about this difference also, I was not sure about 
that, but I guessed that the reported revision is the revision of 
Kernel.Mod. But, when I tried to assure that hypothesis, I found 
that in my SVN checkout (which was used to create the ISO image
Peter used), the last committed version of Kernel.Mod is Rev. 5552
and my current global revision version is 5894.

So it must be a different file, which creates that revision number.
At least I was able to dig out that 5387 was committed on 23-Aug-2013
but the commit message is completely unrelated to the Kernel :-(


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