[Oberon] Functional programming and Oberon

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 02:04:13 CET 2017

> You can see it all in your web  browser if you follow this link:

I can't. I'm located in 3rd [going 4th] world. Not California.
Remember in 80s-90s when you composed your thought-out emailS
& news-articleS and sent then all off, by a one-shot brief connection?

A baby or my dog doesn't plan-ahead and optimise.
He uses immediate-consumption, which is facilitated by always on-tap.

I don't live-browse.
Projects are accumulate/sheduled.

When I go on-line, one of several tasks is:
      g1277  L  <Name of this topic>
which 3 tokens mean:
 using a text-fetcher, with line-length =< 77
 fetch each of URL in file L
 and append them to File: <Name of this topic>
    with the URL as header, and "<><><>" as the tail,
so that I can read [and clean] and extract possible descendants
for future fetching, when appropriate.

Just because the inet has been dumbed-down to allow use by
illiterates, doesn't mean we need act like illiterates.

What will happen when the cloud fails?
Remember the 70's oil crisis?
Here, half the systems are not working at any time, so I'm back to
linux, one-at-a-time: my old IDE or SATA via USB from the M$-laptop.

Must keep light/mobile. I remember the neighbouring Mocambique &
Angola "settlers" fleeing.

== Chris Glur.

On 1/25/17, Lars <noreply at z505.com> wrote:
> On Wed, January 25, 2017 12:24 am, eas lab wrote:
>> PS. OK out$pook becomes available; but then can't access other apps to
>> get texts. Terrible punishment when coming from *nix to M$.
>> How/why do you tolerate this garbage?
> Or more importantly, why do you, Chris Glur, tolerate it?
> If MS Win so bad, why not just use Loonix for loonies, or bsd, or,
> Solaris, or... oberon natively on a oberon station or one of those USB
> oberon stations (can't remember the name) for $100
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