[Oberon] Aos start script; was "Parts & paths."

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 08:16:51 CET 2017

] Automation requires only a command to scale an Aos window,
] frame and contents, by a user specified factor.  Does it exist?

That's perhaps not possible, with the different display W,H ratios,
and for <expanding to make the font bigger> each user has his own
preference; so manually determined is appropriate.

] > Another problem with Aos, for me, is that it leaves a mass of small
] > .tmp.*.* files, which contaminates my working directories.

] The wrapper script on the page takes care of housekeepng,
] including removal of tmp files.  If the working file system is not
] mounted, fsck is applied before mounting.  That avoids mounting a
] broken file system on a flash store.  Reading the script and adjusting
] for your context is adviseable.

Where do I find "The wrapper script on the page" ?

== Chris Glur

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