[Oberon] Re (2): Aos start script.

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 07:51:07 CET 2017

]Below the heading "Configuration" is text in fixed pitch font. That
] is the script.  Also note the sentence "The following script ..." and
] the line "#!/bin/bash".  If not familiar with bash shell scripts
] google "bash shell script".

I've got a big problem with most people these days who write
<under the green butterfly at the top left, you should click....>;
because I mostly fetch TEXT; which doesn't cater for different fonts,
nor cartoons. Have you `lynx -dump <URL>` -ed modern htmlS
to see that 90% is just repeated garbage.

Because I don't know how to get WiFi under Linux, I'm using M$ now,
and a <scam web-page> started talking to me. Yes sound.
I don't want that <popularism>.

] > That's perhaps not possible, with the different display W,H ratios,

] If a window can be stretched with the mouse there is no reason the
] process can't be mechanized.

Yes, but what about all the different W:H ratios these days?
Besides ETHO's whole method of working is: you see it and you mouse it.

BTW your idea of removing the extra manual steps, is exactly what I've been
harping on re. <extend ETHO to functional/piping>.
One attribute of functional style, is that the input to stage(N) is the
output of stage(N-1); so eg. to find the list  of procedures in all *et*.Mod,
ETHO, manually  creates a TextFrame from: System.Directory *et*.Mod,
which becomes the input to the next stage: using the Find.Tool.

As you know these steps have already be condensed into a <Panel>.
But rather than apeing MS: functional/piping capabilities would be more
reusable. So if the list-of-files could be piped into `grep` automatically.....

== Chris Glur.

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