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Tue Feb 28 19:57:21 CET 2017

>From joerg.straube at iaeth.ch  Wed Apr 20 18:50:55 2016
> In my point of view, WikiBook doesn't seem to be the best choice for 
> this task.

>From joerg.straube at iaeth.ch  Mon Sep  5 22:57:33 2016
> I meant with "repository" a kind of "moderated contribution", 
> "moderated" to limit bloatware a little, "moderated" by more than one 
> person alone (namely NW) and with a versioning system so you can 
> identify the "contribution" against a certain version of the code :-)

Definitely.  Consider this an experiment.  If it works, good. If chaos 
overwhelms, we'll learn that at least.

>From skulski at pas.rochester.edu  Wed Oct  5 18:05:48 2016
> Could you please remind me what is the topic of the book ...

See following.  I want feedback.  For the title especially.  Easier to 
make the original title right than to change later.

> ... you are going to write? 

Wikimedia projects are collaborative.  Anyone can contribute.  
I want to start a book.  Anticipate many contributors.

I view AOS, A3 as a variant of the Oberon system.  
Should the title indicate so?

A possible title
  Oberon; a Computer System

Another possible title
  Oberon (Convergence); a Computer System

Another possible title
  Oberon; a System of Computing
Other possibilities?

Scope of Use
This system has been ued as a stand-alone workstation, as an 
engine customized to specific calculations and as an (embedded) 
control system.

The Oberon workstation can be used by a novice interested in 
learning elementary computing.  The complete sources allow a more 
experienced user to repair bugs and add functionality.  The system 
engineer can adapt the system to a computationally intensive task or 
to use as a real-time control system. 

Usage progresses through these stages.  Many users will 
stop at (3).
(1) Installation
(2) Configuration
(3) Production
(4) Bug repair
(5) Customization and development


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