[Oberon] Various Linux based Oberon systems: up calls.

eas lab lab.eas at gmail.com
Thu May 4 14:14:16 CEST 2017

NW's term "up call" seems better than the current "call back"
description, because it recognises the heirarchy. I.e. that the Oberon
is a descendant of the linux, that it's riding on.

Apparently LNO & Linux ETHO Oberon have hidden the details of how
their ETHO systems interface with linux?

Since PO13 exposes all, from the hardware up, it can't hide any
implementation details?

I can't find my backup of my stolen systems PO13 docos right now, but
since PO13 is independant of any other OS, it wouldn't tell me how to
connect LNO to the underlying <tcp sockets> ?
Does PO13 have Inet capability?

LNO seems to be unique in the Oberon family, in offering a Linux based
version that is also independant of the massive X11 system.

FrameBuffer based LNO is very good on a USBstik-based Linux:TinyCore.
Also there are simple haks to help with LNO's problem of not easily
being able to navigate the file tree - outside of its own directory.

Linux ETHO Oberon <up calls> in 2 usefull ways:
1. System.Execute <any linux command.
2. All the modem-internet facilities that we had with Native-Oberon
just "take" a connection/socket from [ the parent] Linux.

Does V4 perhaps expose how it "connects" to its linux "parent"?

== TIA.

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