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  explore FTDI drivers and app notes www.ftdichip.com/

The relevant chips are those on the Oberon boards. These are the USB to UART converters such as FT232H and similar. Check the board schematics, because different chips are being used by different boards. The drivers are provided by FTDI. 

A well documented example is provided by FTDI in the form of the USB Cable Data Sheet DS_C232HM_MPSSE_CABLE.PDF, available from FTDI web site. Internally it is using the FT232H chip. Look into that chip folder for links to the software drivers.

Lots of reading, which should clear the confusion.

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> PCLink can be used for the system on the gate array machine as well.
>  ...
>  ... two systems as if they were connected via RS232 serial ports.

Thanks Chris.  Visually the connection appears to be USB but "driver"
software allows the connection to appear as RS232 at some level.
Understanding the details implies understanding UARTS and USB chips.
(?) Beyond me at present but I trust that it works.

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