[Oberon] Re (2): LONGINT, RETURN & etc.

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Sat Jun 17 18:53:15 CEST 2017

From:	Chris Burrows <chris at cfbsoftware.com
Date:	Sat, 17 Jun 2017 13:40:15 +0930 
> ... the Oberon 'LOOP' statement with multiple 'EXIT's was abolished 
> at the same time.

An even simpler possibility is to eliminate FOR, REPEAT and WHILE 
and retain LOOP with the restriction of exactly one exit, at the 
beginning or at the end.  Analogous to the RETURN revision. 

Some time in the last year or two (I can't find a citation at present) 
  Joerg commented,

With this hypothetical revision, the cases of the content of the LOOP 
being executed zero times or once remain immediately clear. 
Dropping FOR, REPEAT and WHILE in favour of LOOP would impose 
more work to bring old sources to new syntax.  If there is a stronger 
argument against it, I haven't caught it.  

LOOP or not, Oberon is a superb language.

Regards,                   ... Lyall E.


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