[Oberon] LONGINT, RETURN & etc. (Chris Burrows)

Chris Burrows chris at cfbsoftware.com
Sat Jul 1 02:16:00 CEST 2017

Yes – we now agree about that particular example:
  RETURN " "

However, there is a difference between Oberon and Oberon-2 related to character and string constants. E.g. the alternative form using single-quotes:

  RETURN ' '

is valid in Oberon-2 but not in Oberon. Double-quotes are the only characters now that can be used to start and end a string literal or character constant. There was a short period in the evolution of Oberon-07 where double quotes were used to denote strings and single-quotes used to denote characters (or vice versa - I don't quite recall) but as you point out it is now longer necessary to make that distinction. The compiler is now able to unambiguously resolve the various scenarios. 

Chris Burrows
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> "Single-character strings can also be assigned to variables of type CHAR."

Yes, I thought about that, but only after I had sent the message. A single character string can be returned, as it may be interpreted as a character literal. Oberon 2 isn't different to other versions of Oberon in this sense.

(* "A" is interpreted as ARRAY OF CHAR *)
BEGIN COPY("A", s)   (* or s := "A" in Oberon-07 *)

(* "A" is interpreted as CHAR *)
BEGIN ch := "A"

This is not a problem, as the compiler handles this with a simple IF statement (something like "IF (char expected) & (type = string) & (length = 1) THEN type := char END"). This may be more tricky in case of constants:
CONST x = "A";
There is nothing about this in the language report; however, Oberon compilers handle these situations very well.

Arthur Efimov

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