[Oberon] pcreceive.sh not working for files that are multiples of 255

Hans Klaver hklaver at dds.nl
Fri Jun 30 17:17:12 CEST 2017

Hi Andreas, 

You wrote:

> When using the Oberon emulator on a host system (e.g., Mac), the command
>   ./pcreceive filename
> does not seem to work for files whose file size is a multiple of 255. Has anyone else noticed this issue?‘
> (...)

If you work on macOS (≥10.9) you might as well try Roel de Jong's "Oberon Workstation" app.

This is an emulator of Wirth's RISC machine implemented in the Swift programming language. In my experience it is a reliable host for the Oberon V5 System, and has the advantage that it uses a Mac Folder for the Oberon files: no need for pcSend/pcReceive to transfer Oberon files from and to the Oberon System!

The macOS as a host has the additional advantage that it has screen zoom built into the OS, so that you can make full use of very-high-resolution ("Retina") displays for the Oberon System. This can be done via Apple menu > System Preferences > Accessibility settings: enable both "Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom" and "Smooth images".

You can download "Oberon Workstation" via this page: http://www.reactive-instruments.eu/pages/faq.html <http://www.reactive-instruments.eu/pages/faq.html> or from the Mac App Store (free).

Hans Klaver
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