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I agree. Folders or directories seem comfortable.
However, the original Native Oberon is a complete operating system (OS) written in Oberon with its own Oberon file system. And that Oberon file system does NOT support folders. It is just a flat bunch of files.

The Native Oberon OS was ported to different host OSes. So basically you run an OS (Native Oberon) on top of another OS (e.g. Windows).
As the underlaying host OSes (like Windows, Linux..) often DO support folders, you had to decide how to map the original flat file system to the hierarchical host file system.

Common approaches are:
- For reading you define a list of folders as "search path", so the module loader, compiler and editor will be able to locate your file. Some times the search path can be quite tricky, especially if you have different versions of the same module in different folders, and you forgot to adapt the correct sequence in your search path.
For writing, you define a „current directory“ or "default directory" so the compiler or editor knows where to store your file.

Obviously there are differences of flat and hierarchical file systems. But flat and hierarchical file systems are not so different as they might seem.
To uniquely identify a file in a hierarchical file system, the absolute file name looks like   \V4\foo.Mod
In the flat Oberon file system it is common to group your files by using prefixes like         V4.foo.Mod
So the syntax is quite comparable :-)

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>> I find it better to group similar modules within a common directory
>> such as Oberon or V4.  That reduces the number of directories needed.
> So in Blackbox the directory could be "BB"  and the module name BBSort?
> Or Bb and BbSort to allow correct  parsing?
> Does Linz V4 follow the same rules?
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