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Артур Ефимов arturefimov at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 19:16:18 CEST 2017

Dear Oberoners,

I would like to announce, that recently a new project - Free Oberon - was
officially released (under GNU GPLv3). The website is
http://freeoberon.su/en and the sources are also available on GitHub. This
is an (alpha) version 0.1.0.

Free Oberon is a cross-platform IDE for development in Oberon, made in the
classical pseudo-graphic style (like Free Pascal). The IDE is also written
in Oberon. One of its ideas is to popularize Oberon among people who use
Free Pascal (there are many Free Pascal users in the former USSR) and among
programming teachers. It is part of a bigger project, including programs,
websites and books.

Internally, it uses a modified Vishap Oberon Compiler (which is based on
Ofront and which translates Oberon to C). The syntax is Oberon-2, but with
4-byte integers and additional built-in procedure FLOOR that converts REAL
and LONGREAL to INTEGER (and not to LONGINT).

The product is available on GNU/Linux and Windows, it includes a built-in
module Graph that you can use "out of the box" to write cross-platform
graphics programs (internally it uses SDL2). The project includes
documentation in Russian and English languages. The English documentation
can be found here: http://freeoberon.su/files/FreeOberon_v0.1.0_en.pdf

I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the project. You are also
welcome to participate in it.

Kind regards,
Arthur Yefimov
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