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Such a wonderful news!

I also read about Ultibo for Raspberry Pi, a developing environment in

I hope to try it too!
El jul. 23, 2017 14:16, "Артур Ефимов" <arturefimov at gmail.com> escribió:

> Dear Oberoners,
> I would like to announce, that recently a new project - Free Oberon - was
> officially released (under GNU GPLv3). The website is
> http://freeoberon.su/en and the sources are also available on GitHub.
> This is an (alpha) version 0.1.0.
> Free Oberon is a cross-platform IDE for development in Oberon, made in the
> classical pseudo-graphic style (like Free Pascal). The IDE is also written
> in Oberon. One of its ideas is to popularize Oberon among people who use
> Free Pascal (there are many Free Pascal users in the former USSR) and among
> programming teachers. It is part of a bigger project, including programs,
> websites and books.
> Internally, it uses a modified Vishap Oberon Compiler (which is based on
> Ofront and which translates Oberon to C). The syntax is Oberon-2, but with
> 4-byte integers and additional built-in procedure FLOOR that converts REAL
> and LONGREAL to INTEGER (and not to LONGINT).
> The product is available on GNU/Linux and Windows, it includes a built-in
> module Graph that you can use "out of the box" to write cross-platform
> graphics programs (internally it uses SDL2). The project includes
> documentation in Russian and English languages. The English documentation
> can be found here: http://freeoberon.su/files/FreeOberon_v0.1.0_en.pdf
> I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on the project. You are also
> welcome to participate in it.
> Kind regards,
> Arthur Yefimov
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