[Oberon] OP2 Vs Wirth's compiler.

Peter Matthias PeterMatthias at web.de
Sun Jul 30 19:08:59 CEST 2017

Am 30.07.2017 um 17:34 schrieb Treutwein Bernhard:
> Hi Srinivas
>  > How is OP2 better than Wirth's (simple four module) compiler?
> jut look at Regi Crelier PhD thesis: in short: OP2 is more portable (as 
> its name also suggests: Oberon Portable Compiler).

Not sure if this is really true.
IMO OP2 can optimize code better than Wirth's compiler. E.g. it uses 
register variables and can detect leaf procedures. This fits well with 
the RISC CPUs at that day.


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