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> Dear Friends,
> In his paper "Compiler Construction The Art of Niklaus Wirth",
> ftp://ftp.ssw.uni-linz.ac.at/pub/Papers/Moe00b.pdf,
> Hanspeter Mossenbock writes, "The spine of Wirth's code generators is
> what I call the Item technique."
> He also says, it is described in
> Wirth's "Compiler Construction" book.
> Do we have any other thesis or paper or book, where this idea is more
> simply presented, than Wirth's book?

I'm not sure what it is that you are hoping to find. I thought that
Mossenbock explained the technique very clearly himself in the subsequent
few paragraphs in the paper that you quoted. How might this be simplified?
Are you having difficulty with some of the terminology he used perhaps?

A description with diagrams illustrating the use of this 'technique' in the
Project Oberon compiler is in Chapter 12 'The Compiler' of the Project
Oberon documentation. 

See 'Applications: Chapters 10-15':


Chris Burrows
CFB Software

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